I started as a finish carpenter and became a general contractor before becoming a shading sub-contractor in 1988. As such, I have a unique understanding and experience of your home and can bring helpful eyes to design and construction processes in the early stages. I am often asked by designing architects to help solve space limitation issues with pocket designs in difficult situations.

This perspective, along with our unique process of job management, allows contractors and designers to be comfortable knowing we will be self-managing and let them know early about potential issues as we “look for trouble” throughout the process to avoid it. By getting clarity and asking the right questions early, we can design and deliver a project to best meet the clients’ needs.

Our sales staff is thorough. Our support team plans ahead, and our installers are second to none, often commended for their fine work, in some of the greatest houses around. There are a lot of details and we are good at all of them, still competitive and we love what we do, and you will too.

Greg Amato

Bay Shades
Santa Monica, CA

Let Bay Shades bring elegance and performance to your custom shading solution.

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